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ELLE, in French means ‘her’, the mother, the sister, the advisor, the counselor, the doctor and the engineer. It is basically an organization that helps ECE graduate women become leaders and motivators. Women empowerment is very crucial nowadays, especially in our field. Creating this organization serves as a step forward to help ECE women become fearless and successful. As graduate students, we have a vision of what we want to do later in our lives. However, we lack proper preparation to the world in terms of portraying an idea or approaching a company or expressing ourselves. ELLE wants to challenge that. ELLE creates the appropriate atmosphere to help graduates become the best version of themselves.



ELLE envisions a wide range of events from networking socials to training events. ELLE  is open to all ECE students. We want both men and women to engage in our events since allyship is key to achieving the goals of the group.

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